The Most Sustainable Carpet Fiber: Wool

Luzern takes seriously our role as a manufacturer to provide products that are sustainable and friendly to the environment. Equally important is Luzern’s commitment to manufacture our products in the most energy efficient, environmentally sound manner.

Luzern utilizes state of the art tufting machines that are the most energy efficient available for production. All yarn waste is contracted to a source that recycles the yarn for new product applications and we strive to achieve our goal of zero percent manufacturing waste.

Luzern produces rugs and broadloom carpet from 100% New Zealand Wool. Wool is a 100% natural product and is also 100% sustainable. The production of wool yarn has no negative environmental impact, is renewable and waste can be regenerated to develop new products. 100% wool is the most environmentally friendly yarn system available for carpet and rug production.

Luzern is a proud partner with Wools of New Zealand of the Laneve brand of wool products. Laneve is a companion to Wools of New Zealand brand, going beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool itself.

Laneve branded carpets and rugs are made from 100% wool traceable back to identifiable farmers who meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards.

All Luzern wool and wool blend products are certified CRI Green Label Plus.